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30 Jun

Ceremonial shoes : to be stylish!

scarpe da cerimonia

Ceremonial Shoes: here is the most suitable models, the Must that can’t be missed and combinations to avoid to be a flawless guest.



It comes the invitation for a wedding: which ceremonial shoe should I wear?


With the beginning of summer there are so many commitments and events that will be proposed there. But at the arrival of a mail or invitation card the first question that comes is, “And now, what shall I wear” and especially “Which kind of  ceremonial shoes should I choose?”

No panic! Surely the first thing you should do when you receive an invitation for an important occasion is to study it in detail: location, date, type of situation. Every detail is critical to choose the right look and do not show up with an unsuitable clothing: dress, shoes (classic evening sandals or comfortable shoes?), Accessories: everything must be chosen carefully, and above all with the idea of finding an outfit that reflects our personality and makes us feel at ease.


Elegant Ceremonial shoes: ideas for her


Let’s start with an accessory that is often overlooked but it is what makes it a truly complete look: the Ceremonial shoes. The woman can definitely play with this type of elegant  footwear, in the shape, color and centimeters. The heel would be a Must because it makes the figure more slender and is perfect with any type of clothing provided the height is not excessive. Good taste is always going in the balance! Better essential forms (sharp toe-end and  never too round):

  • Yes to jewel sandals that enhance the look;


Ceremonial shoes


  • Yes to Mary Jane mould that makes delicate also a strong dress;
  • Yes to high heels sandal with strap;
  • Yes to classic heels, a classic that never goes out of style.


ceremonial shoes


Avoid excess,  think always  “less is more.” A detail is enough to capture the attention, you do not need to overdo. Then:

  • No to wedges with flashy patterns;
  • No to high heels too extravagant;
  • No to ceremonial sandals with high plateau.

The colors of the women’s ceremonial shoes can have the same color of the dress, even in different shades or they can completely break the color and to be matched with all other accessories as handbag and jewelry. But if you’re not a lover of heels, you can always opt for flat ceremonial women’s sandals or simple lace-ups, perhaps with some “fanciful” detail to confer a touch of glamour to the look.


ceremonial shoes


Ceremony is not only shoes: here is the “pink” dress-code


We have to start from a fundamental point: the event time. If the event is in the morning or during the day, however, both the colors of the clothes and that of wedding shoes will be more soft and bright as the blue, coral, pink, orange, yellow, (It’s perfect the model with tight bodice and wide skirt).

In the evening, however, the shades should be darker and more intense: bordeaux, dark blue, aubergine, mahogany or anthracite (it is preferable in this case a long dress) are the preferred colors. As regard to the patterns it’s better to be simple, so thin stripes or tiny flowers to look like speckles.

You have to keep attention also to the tissues: the summer is good to avoid clothes too warm. If your mind is not able to go further with your imagination and you think that the only solution is a dress, try to go outside the box and look around: one of the many possibilities is the palace pants or flares (since They have returned to fashion) with a silk or lace top. Of a contrasting color or of a different gradation. You can complete the outfit with a jacket. For skirts you can use the same combinations, but remember that we’re not talking mini but longuette or a long skirt. Do not underestimate the jumpsuit, it can be a very interesting choice: choose one with a soft cutting and pastel colors to wear with a short leather jacket.

Ceremonial Shoes: the proposals for him


We come to him. The ceremonial shoes should be, as per regulation, totally black because that is the color of elegance par excellence. You may choose, however, a different color while remaining faithful to the elegance label. Once you’ve chosen the color you can choose  the mould shoe  and the type of lacing which can be lace-ups or with buckle. A viable alternative to these two proposals is the man’s moccasin that, despite not having the laces, it is still elegant and formal.


ceremonial shoes


We must always consider the place where the event takes place in such a way as to match their stylish shoes. If the context is outdoor we can choose a wedding man’s shoe with more freedom in the shapes and lines. If the event takes place  indoors it is better to stay on a more classic style then a smoother and sober ceremonial shoe as possible. Then:

  • Yes to Oxford shoes on indoors locations;
  • Yes to Moccasin: it is an alternative, it is always elegant (without socks of course!);
  • Yes to wedding shoes with more “free” shape (outdoors only).


ceremonial shoes


You can apply to the men’s shoe the essentiality rule:

  • No to classic shoes with flashy or too particular decorations;
  • No to too athletic shoes for  indoors events;
  • Do not overdo with colors, better to stay on the classic chromatic tones;


Dresscode for him: colors and styles for an impeccable outfits


It’s true, for women it is always easier to range from a style to another because the choice is very wide; However, the man can play with the look, not only with accessories (such as wedding shoes), but also with the combination of apparel items.

We start from the basic rule: the color is usually dark so anthracite gray or plain dark blue with white shirt, black  or very dark gray socks. For a ceremony like marriage, black is not recommended, but for a special event in the evening it’s perfect to match it with a white shirt. The only allowed color is that of the tie that must stand out from the rest of the suit (no exaggeration, of course)! The pocket-handkerchief should never have the same color of the tie, but a color in his patterns.

For those who want to be outside of the box are enough small steps such as not dress in one color but with different shades. That is: depending on the color you choose you can match shirt and tie in different gradations. You can also play with shiny fabrics and alternating opaque fabrics, creating a contrast of light. You can also play down the idea of the tie, choosing one thin and with a small knot. If you want to be stylish and to distinguish yourself  by your elegance, instead of the pocket-handkerchief, put a flower in the left breast pocket. Or instead of a tie you can put the bow tie or a foulard knotted around the neck.


The elegance, like love, has some simple rules: to choose the perfect look you have to begin by choosing the right wedding shoes. Just a step to get closer to your sweetie: style!

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