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16 Jun

Women’s sandals: all models for daring … with style!

sandali donna

Colorful, casual day, enriched by stones and rhinestones for evening:  here is the women’s sandals for the entire summer … at your feet!


Women’s sandals? In the summer of 2016, the password is to dare!


Summer’s here: every year is reborn as an irrepressible desire for sun, sea, light clothing and, why not, to have to feet a fine pair of comfortable women’s sandals! The beautiful season, in fact, is always a call to abandon (though never completely) the gray tones and typical winter’s dark and to dash headlong toward vivid and bright colors.

To dare, in fact, is just the right word to describe the fashion trends this summer. Bags, earrings, necklaces, women’s sandals, everything becomes covered with color. So what are you waiting for, ready to experiment to create your perfect outfit?


Women’s sandals: here is the palette of colors to paint your look


Among the women open shoes, sandals are a must-have of the summer season that is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Elegant or casual, flat or heel 12, he has returned in the limelight in the catwalks of the world re-interpreted in a thousand and one variations from big names and more!

The tones that dominate this season 2016 are tenuous, but sharp at the same time. Inspired by the colors of the sea and sky, flowers and fruits. They convey a sense of peace, quiet and typical summer heat. One of the great protagonists of the shoe-wear is the “Rose Quartz,” a pastel shades and quite romantic, considered color par excellence of the Spring / Summer 2016. Next to it, it lord it all its shades of pink (from dusty pink seals, until you get to the most eccentric shocking pink).


women's sandals


Another very fashionable color for women’s sandals in this season is blue, which is also repeated in its many shades, which look a bit different shades of sea water. Out of the pastel, the heavenly, the new key “blue Serenity“, which mixes purple and gray. A strong and deep blue, the “Norker Blue” instead recalls the ocean floor: it is especially suitable for evening outfits.

The “Red Fiesta” is inspired by the warm sunset shades, warm and bright symbol tone of passion and vitality, and it is a bold alternative to the pastel colors of the season.


women's sandals


Timeless and always current, leather and black colors are resistant to the change of season. The latter is the symbol of elegance par excellence, and is suitable especially for women’s sandals more elegant and evening wear.


sandali donna eleganti  low women's sandals


By the Egyptians to the present day: here is the story of women’s sandals, women’s timeless icon


The women’s sandals, as we know them, have very ancient origins. In fact, they derived from the footwear worn in ancient Egypt more than 3,500 years ago. They were sandals-flip flops at the time real status symbol, since it represented the wealthier castes (priestly and, first of all, the Pharaoh).

From simple models, with leather sole or woven papyrus and fixed at the foot with leather strips, up to the super-luxury gold version for the reigning and his family, the sandals were worn equally both by men and by women.

The sandals also appear in the following centuries in the Roman and the Etruscan civilization. These people, in fact, they used to walk barefoot, and this created many hardships. That’s why, with the passage of time, to create footwear that protected the walk was a growing pressing need. Regardless of the type of shoe, the material used was leather. The models and the sandal variants, as we understand it today, were many and each was used as a specific use: the “calceus”, outdoor sandal very close to the modern sandal, the “solea”, type of sandals to wear at home , similar to modern slippers.

In the Middle Ages, however, the sandal is derated: poverty symbol of both material and spiritual, was worn by the lower classes and religious orders as a provocation against the ostentatious luxury of the Church.

Disappeared for a thousand years, they return to the limelight in the world of fashion in 1930, in the collections of famous designers, becoming a typically feminine footwear. Through the 60 -70 (famous the high-heeled sandals for discotheque in bright, shiny colors) to the present day.


Shapes and materials: when the woman’s sandals talk about us


Let’s face it: no woman can resist the charm of a nice pair of sandals. Between all craftswomen’s shoes, the proposed variants for this season are varied, both as regards shapes, colors and patterns, and in materials. Are you ready to choose the most suitable model for you?

The sandals with high heel and platform are an essential accessory to wear during aperitifs and summer days that require elegance and femininity; you can dare with high and dizzy heels, let loose with prints, colors and decorations! Opt for the evening, for darker colors: a total black sandal, always an elegance emblem, perhaps embellished with rhinestones and crystals, or a dark blue.

Timeless are the women’s low-heeled sandals: the thong models and the jewel sandals are perfect for the warmer months and are a viable option to the heel, since they combine practicality and comfort, without sacrificing elegance and femininity. As for the materials, and finally the summer  2016 offers multiple variants: PVC, paint, fine leather and the season’s must inevitable, the suede.


Whether in leather or suede, the bolder colors or decorated with precious details, the woman’s sandals describe who you are and your look: let yourselves be enthralled by this shoe. And remember: the password is to dare … with style!

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