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1 Jun

Man’s Moccasin: suede leather, timeless trendy


The Moccasin for man makes a comeback: we discover a great classic of the 60/70’s, the star of the catwalks around the world.

Moccasin for man: with suede comfort is at the service of elegance

The suede leather moccasin for man today is extremely topical, elegant and comfortable at the same time; It is therefore an essential accessory for the man who wants to surprise, without sacrificing the charm of tradition!

But what is suede? One thing is certain: this material is the absolute protagonist of comfortable shoes for men par excellence: the moccasins.

The most common mistake is to think that this material is made from chamois skin: it is produced using bovine leathers or mutton specially treated, so as to obtain a skin that touching it, recalls the softness of velvet. Another frequent mistake is to confuse it with the Alcantara, a synthetic fabric with very similar tactile characteristics.


By Native Americans to today’s catwalks: here is how it was born the suede

In fashion the suede appears for the first time as a Red Indian clothing. There were no major differences between the male and female clothing: jackets in buckskin, with leggings for him, moccasins for her.

Suede was then reinterpreted by designers of all ages, starting from the sixties (the famous suede mini-dresses), in which it was emphasized its particular softness, and later became one of the symbolic fabric of Hippie Culture of the Seventies. Bell-bottom pants and suede safari jackets become the famous leaders of this age, in every hippie wardrobe.

By “savages” seventies, the velours then crossed the Eighties resulting in oversize shapes and more theatrical and the nineties, with appearances by famous designers collections. These were the years of minimal and suede is used to express a more sophisticated style up to the present day.

In the twenty-first century is yet another transformation of this fabric, which is now the spokesperson for a new trend: a research no more of volumes, but extremely tactile and material, with more natural tones. The Suede now, in fact, dominates the scene in the male wardrobe of season: from the classic bomber  to the accessories, up to the total look: everything becomes covered with suede. Even Moccasins for man.


Man’s Moccasin


 Suede Moccasin for man: how to match it

To match suede moccasins is not easy: every mistake can be fatal and generate real failure style!

The trousers or jeans the most suitable to be paired with moccasins for man are those with straight leg. Absolutely to avoid those wide-legged, those that are too tight or those flared: they destroy the entire outfit. The trousers must have a hem with a right length, neither too long nor too short.


Man’s Moccasin


This comfort male model shoe is perfect to match with Bermuda shorts in the summer season. To complete the outfit is advisable to wear neutral shirts and classic cut, for an elegant look. If desired, however, give a casual touch to your style, you can choose t-shirt in neutral and subdued colors. The colors to be used are varied, but to play it safe and avoid color errors, we suggest to match the color of moccasins with that of the belt.

Man’s Moccasin


Let’s move on to the one that always turns out to be the dilemma par excellence when it comes to Moccasin for man: socks or not socks? A little as the famous saying “Does it come first the chicken or the egg?”, this is the biggest problem that occurs when you want to wear this type of footwear.

The argument divides: some claim that the Moccasins only should be worn barefoot, those who insist that they should be absolutely worn with socks. The most common mistake is the wrong sock choice: strictly forbidden to use the classic white sponge sock, which generates a really awkward stylistic effect. If you really do not want to give up the socks, the right ones are strictly long and dark (blacks, blue, dark gray), the maximum is granted the ghosts that do not have to see each other at all. Only recently new trends accept the fancy sock, but in this case has yet to be matched with more attention.


Men’s Mocassins: how to take care

Whether it’s Moccasins, bomber jackets or pants and although it is a very popular and versatile material, suede is, however, very delicate and therefore requires care and special care to keep its beauty intact over time.

Here are some tips for washing your suede Moccasins: given the sensitivity of the material, you should try these methods first on an inconspicuous part of the stained Moccasin. In general, you should use a soft cloth on the Suede (ideal would be to rub the leather with another suede leather) previously moistened with steam and repeat this process periodically.

To avoid the use of brushes, which can spoil it. If you find any stains on the hide, you can be used or an eraser or a bread crumb and, for the most resistant (mould, oil, wine, coffee, tea), drops of vinegar or milk to be applied with a smooth cloth. The glue can be eliminated easily by trying to rub the cloth slightly dampened with mild soap and alcohol, gently on suede.

If you want to wash completely the men’s suede Moccasins, it must be done exclusively by hand, using warm water and mild soap and specific products for the maintenance of suede, or contact a specialized laundry.

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