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25 May

White shoes for men: the total white look in your foot

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Beautiful and iconic, white man shoes are the protagonists of the spring-summer 2016: we find the right models for an elegant casual look!


hite shoes for men: an essential classic

Often, when we talk about white shoes for men, it returns to mind the famous scene of the movie “Forrest Gump” when the protagonist receives a gift of a pair of white sneakers which then will accompany him in his infinite run through thirty years of history of the United States. After all you can not really blame Forrest when he says that “from a person’s shoes you understand many things, as where she is going, where she is gone. “

Years have passed since that historic film, yet the white shoes for men, revisited and enriched with details increasingly glamorous, continue to be the undisputed protagonists of the catwalk. Beyond every Season and every tendency …


White sports Footwear for man: a race …style!

Perhaps not everyone knows but the white man’s sneakers derive their name from the English verb “to sneak” which literally means “acting furtively sneak“. He appeared around the end of ‘800 used by the advertising agent Henry Nelson McKinney, the term referred to the rubber sole that, unlike the rigid leather shoes spread at the time, made the silent walk.

Useful, simple but without ever being trivial, today this white man’s shoe model is undoubtedly the most widespread in the closet of contemporary man who now has made the crossover his lifestyle.

Generally made of leather or canvas, with strictly rubber sole (just to remain faithfully anchored to the traditions), the sneakers can be combined in many different ways. The important thing is to always clear the effect you want to achieve. Here is some useful advice:

  • White man’s shoes and jeans: it is the classic combination, one with which we must always be on the safe side. The only trick is to choose a light wash, so that the shoes will not peel off too much from the color mood of the entire outfit;


white men shoes


  • White shoes and white pants: the classic “all-white” is a look with a timeless charm. Linen trousers or fluid and light fabrics are the protagonists in this combination that can be masterfully complemented by equally shirts “fluttering”. For an outfit that immediately makes the summer;


white men shoes


  • White man’s sneakers and suits: you, we know, you might be thinking that this man’s shoe model is combined with tailored suits with the same grace of a pair of sandals worn with socks. Well, think again: the fashion trends of recent years, in fact, have this common duty cleared proposing a look where the white man’s sneaker is matched with suits of every color and fabric. Perhaps with the only foresight to prefer leather models to the canvas …


white men shoes


In short, forget about play suits and Gym suits, white men’s shoes match perfectly to chic outfits giving a touch of elegant sportsmanship …!

Discover all the models of Shusala men’s collection and choose how to play the game of your style!

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