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23 Mar

Oxford man’s shoes: the elegance in every occasion


The Oxford shoes are an evergreen : they make faultless any outfit, elegant any man, classy any combination.


Oxford shoes: because elegance is never enough


The Oxford shoes in three words? Simplicity, strength and elegance!

It is a shoe which, however, is often confused with another type of lace-up shoe for men: the Derby. Mainly are two models of men’s shoes both elegant, but the Oxford takes on a more classical tone while the Derby a more sporty style.

The main difference is in their creation: the Oxford shoe in the vamp is sewn on the quarters (i.e. where the two parts are placed in which the eyelets are made to pass the laces) while the inverse occurs in Derby shoe. The lace-up shoes are also called “Oxford” because they come from ‘”Oxonian”, a boot that was fashionable among the nobility of the universities of Oxford, and can be smooth or can have an embroidered cap.

In the case they are decorated with even small holes on the sides and heel they are called Oxford Duilio and are characterized by the oval tip or almond shaped. When the men’s Oxfords have a wing cap however, they are called Brogues . There is also the model Monk Strap that is, without laces, but with two side buckles, so named because it refers to the typical shoe of the monks.

The great thing of Oxford shoes is that in spite their extreme class, they are able to adapt to any outfit: you should just have some little foresight in combining this very elegant element to a right look, to avoid making a loss of style.


Oxford shoes and suit: that’s amore!


To match a suit to Oxford man’s shoe is a little “how to choose your better half”: it takes feeling! There are suits, in fact, that along with this lace-up man’s shoes model create a winning harmony. Here is a ranking of the 5 outfits that are perfect with these man’s shoes:


1. Oxford shoes and “simple” suit

It means jacket, waistcoat and trousers of the same fabric. It is suitable for the office and more formal occasions. The working uniform consists of a jacket and trousers of the same fabric and color. The colors in this case more suitable for this type of context are blue or gray (also available in anthracite variant) that give an elegant and refined look. With the blue suit you can use the white shirt or various shades of blue. With the gray suit you always should wear a white shirt. The color of Oxford man’s shoes of course is always black.

Then there is the suit for free time. The four most commonly colors used for this outfit  in a casual or leisure situation are: sand, light blue, brown and blue. With the suit with brown shades you can wear the white shirt or one of the various shades of blue, while Oxfords man’s shoes must be brown. With the blue dress is best to wear a white shirt and black or blue shoes. With the blue one is accepted the white shirt or the blue one as a second choice, the Oxford man’s shoes preferably black. As regards the type of Oxfords to match, the Brogue model is a good second choice compared to the traditional Oxford. Those with brown tones go with a blue suit. Even with the jeans are fine, because they give refinement  and a casual touch to the look.


Oxford man's shoes


 2. Oxford shoes and Tailcoat

 Usually worn with white tie, is the most elegant evening suit: black tailcoats with silk revers, cut blacks pants with stripes, white shirt, and of course the inevitable shiny black version Oxford.


Oxford man's shoes


3. With Chalkstripe?

It has a classic design of fabrics alternating white lines on a gray or blue background combined with black or brown Oxford shoes (you remember the article Blue Bespoke made by Marco Taddei) Alternatively, the Oxford can be combined with pants of any color and fantasy, such as tweed (traditional Scottish) the Prince of Wales, tartan or houndstooth for a “British” style.


Oxford man's shoes


4. Tuxedos and Oxford shoes

It is usually worn with a black tie and from his name you know it’s a dark suit generally in light wool. The jacket is single-breasted with a single button that must be strictly closed. Or you can opt for the double-breasted version with 2 buttons, which in this case must be left closed. The trousers, strictly blacks, have on the sides a border of silk. Needless to say, the Oxford shoes are perfect to complete the elegance of the outfit.


Oxford man's shoes


5. The tight

If the social event to which you have to take part takes place before 18 hours, then the suit  to wear is the tight, that is a jacket and trousers, elegant for afternoon. It consists of a gray jacket with a rounded dovetail, slightly chalky gray trousers. The smooth Oxford are perfect to combine with this outfit.


Oxford man'shoes


Oxford shoes: new trends


Among the craftsman’s shoes, the Oxford shoe is definitely ideal for ceremonies because perfect in elegant suits. Today, however, many designers have begun also to offer with less formal look, combining it with casual pants, shirts and jackets with fantasies.

The suede Oxfords, in particular, are the right choice to vary the look because they adapt more easily to all occasions. They can be worn with jeans and a dark shirt for the evenings with friends or in your free time, combined with a stylish outfit for a ceremony, but also in the office with a shirt and plain or patterned pants.

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