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21 Jul

Derby shoes: the footwear beyond every style

scarpe derby
Derby shoes are a type of casual brogue footwear, and an alternative to a smart model. Designed as men's shoes, today even women love to wear them.   Derby Shoes: what are they?   Derby shoes were born in the 1800s in Ireland and Scotland, and are also known as blücher. They actually take their name from Prussian general Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, who wanted them for his army. Later, all the European armies wore them until they became fashionable as "sports shoes" for men. This model of footwear is often confused with the "oxford" type, and its down to a simple detail: the lacing. If when removing the laces, you can you slide your finger from the start of the brogue shoe tongue leaving...
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7 Jul

Bespoke shoes: so you’re always walking in “your” shoes

scarpe su misura
Craftsmanship, passion and expertise is what we mean when we talk about bespoke shoes. An ancient craft which for a long time, has made Italy a world landmark.     Bespoke shoes: the invaluable handmade form   The history of bespoke shoes dates back to centuries ago when humans began to travel the world and were in need footwear that made their journeys more comfortable. Gradually over time, shoes have now become a sign of social recognition. And with them, the craftsmanship has developed from simple manual work, to real, true art. Not to mention that years ago, the "use and then throw out" ideology didn’t exist: few people had two pairs of shoes and it was customary for them to be passed around from brother...
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30 Jun

Ceremonial shoes : to be stylish!

scarpe da cerimonia
Ceremonial Shoes: here is the most suitable models, the Must that can’t be missed and combinations to avoid to be a flawless guest.     It comes the invitation for a wedding: which ceremonial shoe should I wear?   With the beginning of summer there are so many commitments and events that will be proposed there. But at the arrival of a mail or invitation card the first question that comes is, "And now, what shall I wear" and especially “Which kind of  ceremonial shoes should I choose?" No panic! Surely the first thing you should do when you receive an invitation for an important occasion is to study it in detail: location, date, type of situation. Every detail is critical to choose the right look...
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